How it works

Do you show academic promise?

Are you looking for college financial assistance?

Do you have the drive to pursue studies in higher education?

To be considered, students must show academic promise, demonstrate financial need, have a drive to pursue studies in higher education, and be enrolled in Albany, Schenectady or Troy, NY high school as 9th or 10th grader. Parents of students must be supportive of their child’s aspirations.

Students must complete a written application including recommendations from at least two teachers. As a final step, the students must participate in an in-person interview with a volunteer selection committee who reviews all applications.

Once selected, students commit to:

Attend all classes, events, and weekly afterschool sessions

Take academically challenging coursework

Participate in enrichment activities including community service

Work with an adult mentor

To learn more and apply as a student in our program,
please visit our Student Application page.