In the Pathways to Careers program, 518 ElevatED partners with local businesses seeking to build skill development capacity in specific industry-related careers, with 518 ElevatED serving as a workforce pipeline. A strong, thriving workforce strengthens local communities and helps to reduce the income and wealth disparities prevalent in today’s economy.

This program evaluates the needs of each Career Pathway partner and builds the recruitment process and programming to meet those specific needs. Whether it is a several-month exploratory program, a three-day intensive, or anything in between, our 26 years of experience fosters relationships, networking, and knowledge for both partners and participants. The goal is to meet the business and the work-ready adult where they are and find common ground for relationship building and potential employment. A partner’s investment in this program varies depending on the size, length, and impact level.

If you are interested in a tailored program for your organization, business or community, contact us for more information at: