There are many reasons why going to college is important beyond the degree a student will earn. The college experience is also a time for students to develop their interests, increase job opportunities for the future, set themselves up for higher potential earnings, enhance personal development, and discover career opportunities. Beyond the classes and books, a well-rounded college life can encourage the cultivation of important life skills that can benefit a student throughout their life.

Join Extracurricular Activities

Participating in activities one is passionate about can increase brain function and help a student concentrate and manage their time better – all of which contribute to higher grades. Students who participate in school activities generate more positive attitudes toward school and tend to form higher aspirations. When students are active in school activities, they can build personal confidence, self-motivation, and friendships.

Attend School Events

School events help to develop pride in the institution and connections with other students. Students who frequently attend school events feel more connected to their community and create strong social skills and friendships, which are important life skills. A positive school climate can also improve academic performance.

Volunteer with Campus Groups

College clubs and organizations often plan volunteer events throughout the semester. Joining coordinated service projects increases a student’s social awareness and responsibility. Participating in a service project with others helps students to build community relationships and make new friendships.

Many students think that getting involved on campus is only relevant when living away from home. For those attending college as commuter students, resist the temptation to only show up for class. Take some time to explore what the college has to offer and choose an activity or two that aligns with the times that you will be on campus.

Whether living on campus or commuting, seek different activities, meet new people, and take the time to enjoy all that college has to offer!