Back to School

Back-to-school season is one of the best times of the year for 518 ElevatED. We get to look forward to getting to know our new Scholars, welcoming back our rising junior and senior Scholars, and hearing all the updates for our College Students and Alum. We have been working all summer on making connections, building programming, and getting ready to work!

Celebrate the Student

in Your Life

"I credit the accountability and the skill of prioritizing education to my experience with 518 elevated. The pillars i learned in high school with 518 elevated kept me focused when there were alot of forces pulling me from my goals."

Sean, 518 ElevatED Alum

"this was an amazing opportunity for me. I am from an immigrant family and we were only in US for a few years before i was accepted into the 518 elevated program. as a first generation to college student, this opportunity helped me with the skills and connections i needed to go to college and have a mentor. My parents were supportive, they wanted me to do a little better than they had done and 518 elevated gave me that."

Mary, 518 ElevatED Alum

" I come from a background where my dad didn’t graduate from HS. Once I went thru the 518 elevated program, the power of education resonated – it motivated my mom to go back to school and further her career. I knew this program would will not only help me, but my family generationally."

Danielle, 518 ElevatED Alum